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Home- Seigerson Sibling fluff

A/N this took a sudden turn from an angsty little fic to one filled with fluff, guess that’s where my mind is tonight, expect more from these two. I’ve fallen in love with them.

It was hard for him to be away from her so long. Every time he left he came back to an older soul. She wasn’t that little 9 year old he left behind the first time, or the 10 year old he left the second, or even the 11 years and one month he left last time.

The greeting was the same as it had always been, she came running towards him her hair flying wildly behind her and jumped into his arms as he twirled her around. “Oh, Someone got bigger again!” he said as he set her down, and jokingly sized her up comparing her height to his and seeing that yes, she had gotten taller, she was nearly at his shoulders now, and looking just as beautiful as ever.

"Have any of the boys been following you? I don’t have to beat anyone up right?" She glared up at him with her big light brown eyes.

"I’m only 11 Derek" he grinned 

"I know, but I need to watch out for my baby sister"

She rolled her eyes, trying to grab the handle of his bag, he pulled it out of her grasp gently.

"Oh no, I’m taking this"


"You just want to see what I brought you this time" She grinned guiltily up at him.

"Is that a bad thing?" 

"Yes because it’s going to ruin the surprise! I’ll give you your gift when I give Mom and Dad theirs at dinner" She nodded happily and skipped along beside him


He laughed, just glad to be home again, most of the time when he was able to get away from school the family was elsewhere for business, or staying out of his way so he could hang out with Julian, and Logan.

"So how’s school going?"

His sister bounced if possible even more excitedly “Great! I got a 90 on my Science test!”

"That’s great!" he gave her a quick hug "I’m so proud of you!"

She frowned though “It wasn’t quite as good as I would have liked though, I thought I would get at least 95”

Derek shook his head “90 is excellent ‘Manda, don’t worry about it”

Amanda shook her head stubbornly, looking up at him imploringly “But you always get like 97’s and stuff”

He laughed “That’s because I’m insane Amanda, even Logan and Julian will say so, they’re always telling me to stop studying”

She nodded thinking for a moment “So you don’t ever play at Dalton?”

"I play sports don’t I?" she gave him her perfected diva look which strangely reminded him a lot of Kurt Hummel.

"Okay, no I don’t play" She crossed her arms

"Then you and me are playing over break"

Derek just laughed and ruffled her hair, ignoring her protests “Okay ‘Manda, we’ll play over break I promise.”

This is why he came home, this is why he worked so hard. For this little girl who so obviously looked up to him. Disappointing her would be worse then any punishment his parents could ever make up. So he pushed himself at Dalton so he could enjoy these little moments.

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