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Prompt filled for Singforevermore

Ethan rolled over in the bed, reaching his arms out to cuddle his brother. His arms flailed around feeling for him in his half awake state. His eyes burst open as they encountered open air.

Sitting up and yawning he looked blearily around the room, not seeing his brother his eyes immediately turned to the pillow beside him.

That’s when he started to panic, there was no card on the pillow. When the twins were younger they would have panic attacks whenever the couldn’t find each other for as little as two minutes. So Audee had helped them create a system that told the other twin where they were.

Each number and face card in the hearts meant a different thing to them. To have no card at all meant that there was something desperately wrong.

He felt out unconsciously for their ‘bond’ testing it, trying to feel Evan. When it hit a wall he shot out of bed, they never blocked each other. Ever. He ran immediately to the bathroom hoping beyond hope that Evan forgot the card, or they ran out of cards.

When he found the bathroom empty, he ran back to the room tearing desperately through it looking for something that would explain his brother’s disappearance, and that’s when he saw it.

A white piece of paper lying innocently on the pillow of the bed they never used, Evan’s bed technically. With shaking hands he picked it up and opened it to find one word “Goodbye.”

That’s when he felt it, through the bond. Pain. Not physical pain like when Evan fell and broke his wrist in second grade, but just horrible continous mental pain.

And then he knew, that Evan has held one secret from him. Somehow he knew that he had been feeling this for weeks, maybe even months.

Then it ended, as quickly as it began, it all disappeared, and nothing was left.

Ethan screamed, there was nothing else he could do. He screamed, and screamed, and when the other Windsors arrived half awake. He thrashed, and punched, and kicked. Taking all of the anger he felt towards his brother out on his friends. Because Ethan was alone now, there was no Tweedles, Evan was gone, and he hated him for that.

Wes was the one who finally hit him over the head after 10 minutes, the last thing he remembered before losing consciousness, was a faint “I’m sorry.” 

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