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A continuation of the story Note I wrote which you can find here

Ethan leaned against the back of his chair, not even twitching when one of the Windsor boys, he wasn’t even sure who, sat beside him. 

His parents were on the other side of the room, in the front row as well, but he couldn’t sit beside them, couldn’t listen to them wonder about how this had happened, couldn’t listen to them muse that maybe this was better for him, to not have his brother there, so he could be independent.

It would never be better for him, he couldn’t even walk around Windsor house without someone there, he wouldn’t have minded that before. With Evan that was right, but now with him on suicide watch, it was horrible. How could Evan, his big brother, the one who always promised to protect him because of the two minute difference, leave him here to deal with this.

He finally conjured up the energy to look around him at the Windsor boys, and Logan who populated the 1st and 2nd row on their side, the rows traditionally held for family. It was the right place for them, they were all more of a family then his parents were.

He managed to give a small smile to his sister who was sitting beside him. It had hit her just as hard as it had hit him. She was the only one he would ever say that about, the only reason he was here, if he was going to be completely honest, was for her. 

He hated that the boys of Dalton were holding him back, that they had enlisted Logan who knew the Tweedles, just as well if not better than most of them, because he didn’t want his sister to sit through a second funeral. That was a horribly cruel thing to do to her, but everyone knew it was going to happen.

Every single one of the boys who stopped him, gave him the same smile, knew they were holding off the inevitable, one day someone would slip up, and he would be gone.  

But today he was still here, today he had to pretend to celebrate his twin’s life, while planning his own death. So for today, he reached out his arm and pulled his sister close, supporting her, and comforting her, knowing that next time it would be her fiance doing it for appearences sake.

Because all he could do was live until he found the right moment to reunite with his brother.

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