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Wevid~ Happy Birthday

A present for my big sister Amanda on her 20th Birthday! I’m not even going to lie, this is pretty cracky and you probably won’t understand most of it unless you follow or are a part of the Rainbow Connection Roleplayers.

Wes sat down at the small table, smiling at the pink tablecloth and the very feminine tea set. He cast an amused glance across the table at his boyfriend who was being pampered to by little Maya who had decided she needed to set all of this up for her big brother’s Birthday. “Because Mommy says you’re becoming an adult, and that means you’re going to be big and busy like Mommy and Daddy and you won’t be able to play as much.” 

It had taken them 15 minutes to convince her that David would still play with her as much as she wanted, but she still insisted on doing this for him. So here they were sitting at a small little table, covered in a pink tablecloth, surrounded by stuffed bears, and drinking tea out of a miniature tea set.

Wes was trying his best to battle against the laughter that was just coming to the surface, he had poured tea exactly the way Maya had wanted him too. He had drunk it exactly as etiquette classes at school had showed them. He had even put one of his uniform’s on without the blazer, but he had never been trained in what to do when your boyfriend’s serious little sister decided he needed a tiara because he was the ‘birthday boy’

Wes was torn between keeping a straight face and bursting out in laughter. He screwed his lips together tightly taking deep breaths in through his nose, to try to calm himself down. 

He tried to concentrate on anything other then Maya’s high little voice telling David to wear the tiara.

"Come on Davey! I got to wear one on my birthday! Mommy helped me pick it out specially from the store, and Daddy said I looked just like a princess!" David glared at his friend who was practically bent over before taking the tiara "Thanks Maya, how about I wear it later though, I don’t want to accidentally ruin it."

"You have to wear it now Davey! Otherwise you can’t have the cake!" Maya picked up the little pan with the cake she had made with the help of their mother clutching it closer to her. 

David eyed it closely then looked back at his bent friend, and then back at the cake. “Okay Maya, I’ll wear it” he placed the tiara on his head, not quite sure how it fit as well as it did, before sending another glare at his traitorous boyfriend.   

"Good!" Maya clapped her hands together before looking over at Wes, she shuffled over to him, looking at him curiously, then her small hand shot out and poked him in the sides "Prince, are you okay?" 

Wes sat up straight grinning at the little girl, “I’m fine Maya, but do you think I could borrow your brother for a little while?”

Maya pouted “But we were just about to have cake, and every time you say that you and David disappear for hours, and you lock your bedroom door.” David and Wes exchanged a panicked look over her head. 

It was at that moment that Miles decided he had felt left out for long enough as he came in the door. “Oh are we eating cake now?”

Wes stood, “Actually I was just about to borrow your brother for a while..” Miles rolled his eyes and turned to his sister “Hey Maya want to put the cake in the fridge for later and come play Mario Kart with me?”

The small girl perked up immediately “Okay! But I have to do it, because I don’t want you dropping it because you’re a boy” Miles gave them a look over his shoulder that clearly told the two they owed him before ushering his little sister out of the room. 

As soon as the door closed Wes dissolved into laughter just barely staying upright as his body shook. David glared at him “It really wasn’t that funny” 

Wes nodded “Yes. it.. it ..was. The t-tiara and.. then.. your s-s-ist-er about the d-d-oor and the t..ime”

David rolled his eyes at his boyfriend, giving him a good swat to the back as he walked out of the room. Wes following as he finally started to straighten back up.

David stood at their door his arms crossed as he looked down at him “Now what was so important?” 

"Oh Nothing." Wes grinned and planted a kiss on his boyfriend’s lips "I just thought you would want one of your presents Prince." He took the tiara off of David’s head leaning in to kiss him again.

David’s eyes lit up as he opened the door, following Wes into the room making sure to shut and lock the door after him. 

From downstairs all that could be heard was Maya’s voice “I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU THEY WOULD LOCK THE DOOR AND DISAPPEAR!”