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Jogan~Father’s Day: Lunch

Logan peered nervously around the wall to his dining room. Inside he could already see Julian and Alex putting out plates for their lunch. He wrung his hands, he had never been good at this stuff, how was he supposed to do this?

He shook his head, what had he come to? The rumours among the old Dalton boys (ones he suspected Derek started) must be true then. John Logan Wright the Third was going soft. Here he was afraid to go into his own dining room because of a Father’s Day lunch.

Though really you couldn’t blame him, he had never had a proper Father’s Day. It was only last year that him and Julian had finally decided that they needed to put a stop to Father’s Day with Senator Wright.

The uptight dinner out with them all pretending to be some perfect family just was not fair to young Alex.

So now here he was afraid of going into the Dining Room to experience his first true Father’s Day with his son, because honestly he had no idea what to do. The dinner’s were all he knew.

He took a deep breath, it was time to man up Wright. Then walked into the dining room only to be met with a brunette bundle hitting his waist.

"Dad! Me and Daddy made lunch! Look!" Alex pulled him to the table, pushing him into one of the seats. "We made sandwiches and I did almost all the cutting! But Daddy helped.."

"That’s great Alex!" Logan ruffled his hair "Feel up to helping me with Dinner so your Daddy can relax?"

Alex nodded excitedly, well Julian looked slightly frightened “I don’t know you two… Alex you’re going to have to watch your Dad very carefully, we don’t want him to burn it again”

Alex giggled scrunching up his nose “That was gross! I can watch him Daddy, I promise!”

Logan grinned up at his husband “Yeah Julian don’t worry, Alex can handle it”

Julian rolled his eyes and sat down “I’ll believe it when I see it”

Logan smiled looking around at their tiny family, maybe he was going soft, but he kind of liked it, if it was always like this. And maybe he could do this Father’s Day thing.

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